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Dog Training
by Michelle

Expert in everything from behavior
modification to positive obedience training!


In 1993, before I ever thought of becoming a dog trainer, I adopted an 8 month old golden retriever named Zoey. Zoey was the dog from hell - she ate couches, sheetrock, jumped on people, etc. I knew I needed help, so ! contacted a dog trainer to come to my home. Not only did he train Zoey, he trained me too. I was so excited and amazed that I could train Zoey, I quit my job as a paralegal and apprenticed with this trainer. I've been training people and their dogs ever since.

How am I different from most dog trainers?

I believe all dogs are individual. Therefore, you can't train every dog the same. I believe that the dog needs to learn in a positive and quiet environment initially. Once the dog learns the behavior, I can bring in distractions. That is why I specialize in private appointments only, as opposed to group classes.

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Dog in flower meadow

What I do best

I specialize in everything from behavior modification to positive obedience training.

A well trained dog makes an even greater companion.

Why Dog Training is Important

A well behaved, obedient dog makes for a great companion. Statistics show that pet owners have a stronger bond with properly trained animals. They are relaxed, responsive and easier to manage which in turn makes for a pleasurable relationship. Along with your relationship with your dog, it's important that your dog gets along with others. Humans are social beings, and having a dog that gets along with others makes life so much easier. A dog should learn proper and acceptable language when out in public. This helps with general friendliness and safety.


My Happy Clients

Veterinarian with Dog

Didi Gray MacKinnel,
Veterinary Technician,
Branford Veterinary Hospital

"I highly recommend Michelle McAdam for her professional dog training abilities."

Dog Waving Paw

Suzie Zitser
Westbrook, CT

"My Veterinary recommended a dog trainer- Michelle McAdam .I proceeded to call her. When my dog came - the issues were more than either of us expected. Michelle worked with me and my dog on a one on one basis and within 3 sessions we had come light years! I have continued to consult her when old habits or new situations arise and she is amazing. Her knowledge, but most of all compassion for her clients & their dogs is truly amazing."

Dog pulling on leash

Jodi Mastriano
North Haven, CT

"Aside from Michelle’s many years of experience as a dog trainer, it is her positive attitude, honesty, reliability, trustworthiness and listening skills that allow us to be confident when training our dog. Her highly effective techniques and solutions have proven results."

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